Our Solution

Perform your BIDs quickly and efficiently on a freight digital freight platform, including the parameters that are right for your business, your demand data and the price to be paid for the route. By engaging multiple vendors in a 100% online reverse auction, you see bids in real time.

  • Operations intelligence and compliance
  • Cost reduction and competitiveness gain
  • Real time information and big data

Digital Freight Platform

Conecting to competitiveness

  • Scope, offer and execution of the data-based trading process.
  • Negotiate your offers with suppliers using up-to-date data intelligence.
  • Use different modalities (Dynamic, Target, RFQ) according to the characteristic of your operation.
  • Be assertive.

Marketplace for cargo

Boosting your business results

  • Boost your Multi-Client Sales.
  • Optimize your team and sales force.
  • Do business online.
  • Increase your result.


Turning data into better decisions

  • All Intelligence features.
  • Company performance dashboard.
  • Data segmenting and drill down.
  • Easy and friendly interface.

We seek
logistic competitiveness

goFlux was born out of nonconformity to always do things the same way.

Why has freight been hired the same way for years? Why has digital revolution not yet changed the form these operations? Why haven’t we had really innovative solutions on this topic yet?

Our DNA is made up of a new and practical way to think about relationships with your carriers, efficiently managing information, focusing on compliance and governance, and clear purpose of helping companies boost heir performance.


See also the Rodo Club, a benefits club for the carriers.


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